Glossary V

Mandelstam (pg 36) - Osip Mandelstam was a Russian poet (although born in Warsaw), exiled by the Stalinist authorities to Vladivostok where he died in 1938. He spent time in Voronezh, a city about 800 km south of Moscow.

Several Russian nuclear submarines were named after cities heavily involved in the Second World War (or the Great Patriotic War as it is known in Russia). One of these vessels was named after Voronezh but the most well known is probably the ill-fated Kursk.

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Debut collection from Salmon Poetry (2004) - Winner of the Salmon Publication Prize for a first collection.

Salmon Poetry Anthology (2007) - Edited by Jessie Lendennie, the anthology contains work from each poet who has been published by Salmon since its inception in 1981.

New Collection from Salmon Poetry (2008)