Poetry at Five Lamps Arts Festival

Poetry by Jean O'Brien and Alan Jude Moore

Thursday 19th April, 6pm, Liberty Hall Bar

Alan Jude Moore was born in Dublin. His most recent collection of poetry is Strasbourg (Salmon Poetry, 2010). His fiction has been short-listed for the Hennessy Literary Award for New Irish Writing and translations of his work have been published in Italy, Russia and Turkey.

Jean O'Brien has won the Arvon International Poetry Award and she is only the second Irish winner of the Arvon Prize since it was set up by Ted Hughes in 1980. O'Brien was awarded for her poem 'Merman' , the poem is a modern take on a mythological story of Glaucus a fisherman who became a merman by eating a magical herb, and who was rejected in love by the beautiful Scylla.

Here is a short extract:

"...I took the bait and when I caught him,

we stumbled, he landed me and pinned me down,

I looked, held his eyes, it was early the rising sun

was flooding them with hooks of golden light. I said No..."

"This is effortless writing, graceful and exact as any pirouette in its insight" Fiona Sampson - Irish Times.

Fred Johnson described her chapbook REACH as..."lively, varied and very readable..."

Writing in the Irish Times, Paul Perry said of her new collection Lovely Legs..."In a book with such a breezy title, bright cover and light tone throughout, there's a much more serious and complex undercurrent at work."

Moore has taken part in readings recently at The Troubadour Club, London; the Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg; Dom Tsvetaeva in Moscow; the 2011 Dublin Book Festival; the 2010 Istanbul International Poetry Festival; & at the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur, California.

His website is www.alanjudemoore.com


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