Glossary II

Zagorsk (page 18) - Zagorsk was the name given by the Soviet authorities to the town of Sergiev Posad. At the heart of the town is a monastery complex important to Orthodox believers. The town was renamed because of the strong religious connotations of its original moniker. In common with many places in post-Soviet Russia, however, it is often referred to by its Soviet name despite the original having been officially reinstated.

New Soviet Sky (page 19) - Following victory in the Second World War, as part of a bid to compete on an aesthetic level with the cities of the United States, a series of sky-scrapers were commissioned to be built in Moscow. They are generally referred to by English speaking expatriates as "the Seven Sisters". They are known to Moscovites, however, by the individual names or, collectively, as "vysotkyi" meaning tall, in this case, buildings. In 2001, construction started on a new sky-scraper, Triumph Palace in north-west Moscow. On the surface at least, it mimics to a great extent the style of the original seven "vysotkyi".

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