Glossary I

Passing the Telegraphs (Page 11) - This poem is about a train journey between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Peter is slang for St. Petersburg. Tver is a city along the way where the train stops and locals, usually pensioners, sell snacks or drinks on the platform. The Kavkaz refers to the Caucasus region; usually in Russia, the reference is taken to mean the North Caucasus region. This is the part of Russia bordering the former Soviet Republics of Georgia and Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. It's normal to assume this is also meant to include South Ossetia.

Orekhovo (Page 12) - Orekhovo-Borisovo is a large suburb in Moscow. It's located about 25 km from the city centre, on the way to Domodedovo Airport. In winter, most buildings in Moscow are heated by a municipal heating system; the temperature is normally kept at about 24 degrees celcius.

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