Glossary III

Fine Art (Page 20) - The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow houses one of the largest collections of art in Russia. It is, along with the Tretykov Gallery, one of the most popular art museums in Moscow. In Russia, men are still conscripted to do national service. At the moment it consists of two years service in the army (often border duty) or one year in the navy. The blackened remains of a violin refers to "The Burned-out Violin" by Fernandez Armand, on display in the Pushkin Museum.

Main Street Bombs (Page 25) - There's a story in the New York Times about suicide bombings in Moscow and Russia during 2003 that lists a number of attacks that took place that year. The following February, there was an attack on the Moscow metro which killed dozens of commuters and injured well over 100. In September 2004, there was another suicide bomb attack, this time on the Rizhskaya metro station off Prospekt Mira. Ten by-standers were killed, and many more injured, when the bomb was detonated near the station entrance. The station is located beside the busy Krystovskiy supermarket.

July 10th 2003 - The police arrest a Chechen woman after she tries to detonate a bomb outside a cafe on Tverskaya Street, one of Moscow's main shopping strips. An explosives expert dies trying to defuse the bomb. The footage of the FSB officer been thrown across the street was shown on television.

December 9th 2003 - A suicide bomber blew herself up outside the National Hotel in the centre of Moscow, killing 6 and seriously wounding 13 people. The attack took place within a few hundred metres of the Kremlin, Red Square and the Duma (Russian Parliament). The bomb exploded just before 11am on a cold, snowy morning.

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